Your business or nonprofit organization grows, develops, and changes over time. It’s natural. Your website, brand and marketing materials should grow with you. A new location, new products or services, a new name, new ownership or a new focus can drive the need to update.

Over the years I’ve heard lots reasons why my clients are ready to update their marketing materials or branding.

Here’s a few examples:

  • “We are a global company but my website doesn’t reflect our bandwidth.”
  • “We’ve had our brand for years and it doesn’t fit us any longer.”
  • “We have a new service… how do we incorporate it into our brand?”
  • “I am expanding my retail business and I need branding, signs and vehicle graphics for my trucks.”
  • “Our nonprofit has been around for 40 years and people don’t know the vast services that we provide.”
  • “My company is growing but my logo looks like a 1970’s sitcom.”

If any of these sound familiar maybe the time has come to update your materials or branding.