One of the ways your brand communicates is through color. Although different cultures may view colors differently, many of our associations to color are common to everyone. For example red is fiery and passionate while blue is calm like the sky or water.

Blue is by far the most popular color in branding. Blue denotes security, trustworthiness, dependable, stability, loyalty, confidence, trust and calmness. Blue is a great color for accounting, wealth advisors and banking.

Green is often associated with health and wellness. Green denotes wealth, health, serenity, natural products and prestige.

Red evokes a visceral and passionate response and comes in second to blue as the most used color in branding. Red denotes energy, power, vigor, leadership, passion, activity and joy. Red is often used in retail and fast food.

Yellow catches the eye and stimulates creativity. Yellow communicates optimism, freshness, positivity, creativity and warmth.

Pink is traditionally a feminine color. Pink denotes feelings that are romantic, feminine, tender and compassionate. Pink is a wonderful color to use for products with a female target audience.
Orange combines yellow and red to create a color that is full of life and excitement. Orange is cheerful, fun, vital, and enthusiastic. I’ve used orange recently in a logo for a startup nonprofit whose focus is raising money for education.

Black is used by companies to evoke sophistication and luxury. Black denotes power, mystery, elegance, formality and sometimes functionality.