Product Packaging & Signage Design

Product packaging that stands out

Whether you are bringing a new product to market or revitalizing an existing brand, you want to have a package that stands out on the shelf and differentiates itself from the competition.

I will work with you to create successful and beautiful package designs that inform consumers about your product and reflect your vision.

Product Packaging That Stands Out
Boxes, bags & labels

Boxes, bags & labels

Every product is unique and has different parameters for packaging. The design may be a custom designed box, or a label adhered to a stock bag. It depends on the product type, your target market and budget.

Custom package design
Label design
Product packaging of all kinds – chocolates, pet treats, cannabis…

Signage design for vehicles, and everything else

Each business or organization presents different opportunities for marketing. A retail store can take advantage of exterior and interior signage, while a service focused business benefits from a vehicle graphic, tradeshow graphics, signs and promotional giveaways. Great design has an impact on your potential customers, clients or donors.

Signage (Interior & exterior design)
Vehicle Design / vinyl & wrap design
Tradeshow banners, signs, promotional giveaways.
Retail Displays
Point of Sale

Signage design for vehicles, and everything else