ATCO Pest Control is a family owned company that offers full service pest management.

The owner of ATCO had been using environmentally friendly pest control methods for several years but had not promoted it. Their current brand depicted traditional pest control methods. Our rebranding goal was to reposition them as the area’s leader in environmentally safe pest control.

Rebrand: I researched and defined those who were most likely to purchase green pest control. I found that educated women age 35-65 valued green qualities for family and a healthy home environment. This target market set the tone for the visual brand moving forward. Fresh images of home, families and pets were used to remind our clients of what they wanted to protect from chemical pest control. The monarch butterfly was introduced as a delicate insect we wanted in the garden and that would remain safe using ATCO’s management methods.

ATCO Logo: Greens and blues reflect the environment while the shield shape offers protection.

Eco Sense: This logo represents ATCO’s proprietary brand of personalized pest control. The green and blue colors and the butterfly design tie into the overall brand while establishing it it’s own identity. I also worked with ATCO to name the new service.

Succcess! ATCO reports a 35% increase in business shortly after rebranding. Their new look invokes a positive response and gets them noticed. ATCO continues to grow their business and their fleet of wrapped vehicles.

Logos: ATCO Pest Control & ECO Sense
Print: stationary, brochure, tradeshow
Vehicle wraps

ATCO Pest Control
ATCO Pest Control

Website: The website highlights images of family and pets that we want to keep pest free and chemical free. The photos that depict kitchen, yard, environment and monarch butterfly are overlapped with the logo’s shield implying that ATCO will keep them safe from pests while providing a healthy environment.

Graphic Design: Hansen-Kemp Design

Print: Printed collateral provides sales support and provides new clients with information about services. ATCO’s vehicle fleet ,which started with a single Prius, continues to grow and to provide great advertising.

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