California Human Development

Nonprofit California Human Development was originally inspired to help migrant farmworkers but now serves low income people from many walks of life-giving 25,000 people a year in 31 Northern California counties a hand up to the American Dream.

Logo: This year, CHD reached 50 years of creating opportunities to end poverty! We announced it with a logo, which combines their longstanding brand with “50” years of creating opportunities.

Print: Annual report, stationary, event materials, program logos

California Human Development

Website: The challenge for the new California Human Development website was to represent their vast network of services spanning 31 counties in a clear and concise way – and to support their clientele, as well as donors and volunteers. Two level navigation, color-coding, and icons were developed for each service to help keep it clear. Compelling client photos overlapping a rustic rural road add the human touch we were after. Easy to update area for news stories on the homepage, an interactive map of service locations and English / Spanish translation are the details that matter. The icons transcend words, making the services recognizable to the many client languages.

Graphic Design: Hansen-Kemp Design
Web Development: ROI POP
Content: Kristine Buffo, Vanessa Bergamo, John Way

Print: The annual report was designed as a uniquely sized folder with color-coded inserts, which can be customized for each use. Sepia toned photos bring a timeless quality to client photos. Created in English and Spanish.

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